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Don and Carol Thanks to all of you at American Business Connections for helping us facilitate this transaction. It will be a great addition to our other companies. Your work on the financials and the clarity of the marketing package made our due-diligence period much shorter. We give merit to your integrity, straight talk and marketing skills.


Don, Thanks for spending time with my accountant and having the foresight to prepare me for due diligence with the buyer. I thought I knew my business well and was amazed at the curveballs thrown. Even though the buyer was extremely analytical and took several hours and two meetings, you had me fully prepared for all questions that came up. I also had no idea what my business was worth and you have made my retirement dream come true. You hit this one out of the park! Thanks more than a million.


You are not only some of the nicest people I’ve ever met; your work is the best I have ever seen, no kidding! After 40 something years in the business and ready to retire, I spent more money than I care to mention with several companies trying unsuccessfully to sell my business. I was ready to close up shop and walk away. You got me a lot of money for my company and at a reasonable cost. The professional way you handled everything was great! Now I can retire fully satisfied. Thanks. By the way, I recommend you to everyone I hear about that wants to sell their business.


I appreciate so much the work each of you did to market and sell my business. I have to say, I was satisfied with the whole process from beginning to end. You kept me well informed at every turn and made the entire transaction move along smoothly. I especially appreciated your straight talk and honesty. You were up front with me the whole time and delivered everything you promised – a credit to each of you individually, your company and your entire organization. Though some of the issues were quite complex, a bonus for me in the end, was the tax savings you delivered that covered your entire fee more than twice over! Thank you for a job well done. I will recommend you again and again.


I just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did on the transaction between our company and the Culligan Water Plant of Rogers, Arkansas. It never would have closed without your great assistance! Your counsel and straight talk was very helpful to both sides and your “bedside manner’ was impeccable. Your vast input was outside the scope of a normal business broker’s skill and client commitment, and I appreciate it very much. Should you come across any more businesses that fit the mission of our company, please contact me? I would enjoy working with the two of you again!


It’s been shared with me that some business brokers are sleaze balls, I’m very thankful that we were fortunate enough to find the Godsey’s at American Business Connections.

~J. Higdon (AVIATION & HEALTH INDUSTRY – AIR AMBULANCE, excerpt from US News & World Report)

Bob, Sherri, Patsy and I really appreciate the hard work and persistence shown by your company on our behalf. You were always prompt to answer any questions that we had and very helpful with marketing ideas and suggestions. Again, our thanks and we would not hesitate to offer our recommendation to anyone concerning your professionalism, integrity and ability to obtain results.


I would like to say, my experience with American Business Connections has been a pleasant one. I have enjoyed getting to know Don, and Carol Godsey. They have been very helpful to me. They have educated me and guided me through this journey. The Godsey’s have all been very patient and understanding as they well know how emotional and stressful it is to sell a business you have worked so hard to build.


We just wanted to write you a short line to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with you to sell our business of 15 years. We always felt at ease with your company. We appreciate all the time and hard work you put into the sale of our business. We thought everything went very smooth all the way through closing. We really appreciate the professionalism and confidentiality you showed us from the beginning to the end.


Don, I don’t know where to begin except to say thank you for all the work you have done on our behalf. The business we bought through you and the experience was as good as it gets. The financials you provided on the company were easy to understand and accurate and the pre-closing meeting you conducted with the Seller laid out all the details of the purchase from start to finish. It is wonderful not to have to deal with surprises.


Don and Carol, Thanks to you and your group again….After buying a business through you I entrusted you to sell mine and got to see what it was like being on the other side of a transaction. Sandy and I saw firsthand your sense of fairness no matter who you were representing. The buyer you found was of exceptional caliber and once again you delivered all we could expect and more. The snag the buyer hit during the SBA financing never slowed you down. You just kept me calm, no easy task, and got the deal done. Special thanks for putting the all the parts of the deal together and looking out for our interest. We have done two deals now and in the last year or so I have been on the phone with you more than with my wife. Now that’s its over, I wonder who I will talk to and will I be lonely…. Don’t forget where we are…..


From our Letter of Intent, through the negotiations, due diligence and the closing in our attorney’s office your professional attributes, organizational skills and assistance made this acquisition not only possible but a pleasure. Many Thanks.


Sally and I sincerely thank you for all of your assistance in helping us sell our businesses. We got a great price; great terms and the whole transaction went very, very smoothly. Your experience and professionalism are a credit to your company; we could not have done it without you.


I had no idea that buying a business could be so complicated. If it had not been for your perseverance and keeping us on track, I would have thrown my hands in the air and walked away. Thanks for the advice on helping us to deal with the financing at the banks. You led the way and kept your cool through complex negotiations with some extremely difficult people.


Working with the SBA can be challenging, but you made it happen. Thanks for all you did to keep things moving along even when the process seemed to grind to a halt. Pulling all the components of our financing together, our 401K, SBA, our local bank, Arkansas Capital Corporation in Little Rock plus owner financing, was a big job, but you did it! You not only did it, you did it skillfully and professionally. Everything was done in the right way and after the sale we are still happy campers. We love our new business and things are working out well.


Carol, thank you and Don so much. With Glendon living in Louisiana and me working in Alaska, we wanted very much to simplify our lives and work together after the hurricane Katrina hit. You helped us get settled in our new home and found us a business that turned that dream into a reality. We appreciate the way you kept us informed and put the deal together. Also thanks for meeting with me on the weekends every time I flew into town.


I want to thank you Carol for helping me work with the Franchiser and Seller at the same time and keeping me abreast of all the documents needed by both parties. You simplified the buying process and streamlined the whole transaction. Thank you.


I had no idea my business was worth as much as it was. I would have left lots money on the table for sure if you had not found and organized all the expenses I had run through my business over the years. I knew some of the stuff but there was so much more that I would not have seen without your perspective. Makes me wonder what in the heck did my accountant miss.


Don you got er done! I’m sure looking forward to retirement. You have my respect and my gratitude.


At first I thought your fees seemed a little high. However, in looking back, I had no concept of how much effort and energy went into selling a business. After I saw how much time you put into the process, coupled with the fact that I didn’t have to do much more than continue to run my business, Not only can I say your fees were fair… they were earned.


Don and Carol, Thanks for helping my wife and I buy the company I managed for several years. We didn’t think we had enough money to pull it off but you reassured us that with the industry experience we had you could make it happen through the bank and the SBA. I had a good boss that also believed in me but I’m glad we are now owners instead of an employee.


Don and Carol, What can we say? Thirty-eight years ago we started our business from scratch going to work every day and woke up one morning with no idea how to sell our business and retire. When you and Carol left, we immediately said, ‘That’s the people we want!’ You said you would tell us like is and that was just the way it was. We could not believe the amount of time, work, and patience shown in pulling all our financials together. Carol was wonderful. Our banker was pleased with the financials you prepared for the SBA loan review and the buyer you found was a perfect match. You have been the topic of open discussion at two our corporate franchise meetings on how other franchisees can sell their business. Words can’t thank you enough….We are really RETIRED!


Don and Carol, As a woman and a first time business buyer I was intimidated and extremely pessimistic that I could ever own my own business. Contacting you was the best call I ever made. Not only were you able to answer my endless questions but you helped me decide what type of business to purchase, your knowledge led me to a perfect business fit for my lifestyle. I had a 401K Plan to invest in my new business and heard of ways to invest without being subject to penalties and taxes. Not only were you aware of this (believe me I was not able to find anyone slightly educated on this subject) you were not only able to explain the process but was able to make it happen. Amazing how you kept things moving and with all the legal aspects and paperwork taken care of the closing was extremely simple. The transition of the business from the previous owners proved to be easy as well because you had everything worked out ahead of time, from employee contracts to non-compete agreements. Your professionalism and genuine concern that all parties were knowledgeable of the process made buying a business from you a pleasant experience. Thank you both for making my dream a reality.