Meet The Owners

Don Godsey

Don Godsey Co-founder and Managing Member (479) 855-9000 x 13 Email Don

Don Godsey, SBA, PBC, CMEA – is first, foremost and always a small business guy, firmly believing three things: When selling or buying a company  Hope Is Not a Strategy, Fear Is Everyone’s Enemy, and You Don’t Get a Do Over. Tackling complex issues and removing merger and acquisition jargon, Don lays out the roadmap navigating the multifaceted world of selling and buying private companies using his STRAIGHT TALK.  As a business consultant, Don’s teaching style is intertwined with humor, compassion, and small doses of dynamite, separating fact from fantasy about controlling  risks when selling or buying a business.

With business valuation and machinery/equipment appraisal being vital components in determining each businesses value, Don earned credentials as a Senior Business Analyst (SBA) under the direction of George D. Abraham, National Director of the Society of Business Analysts, Raton, NM. He is also a Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (CMEA),earned through the NEBB Institute and a member of the International Society of Business Analysts (ISBA) of Wichita, KS, John R. Harris Managing Director.

Business Background & Work Experience

In 2002, Don Godsey and wife Carol launched American Business Connections, LLC, a VR Business Brokers franchise located in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Over a 12 year period they became known as the business broker firm that pays close attention to the financial details and prepares businesses for sale that sellers, buyers and financial intuitions trust. In late 2014, American Business Connections left the VR network and was able to acquire Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers formally located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. At the same time, Don & Carol launched Priceabiz, a company that offers business valuation services and Pricequip, a company that performs Certified Machinery & Equipment appraisals.

As an owner of a tool and equipment distributorship, Don worked in multiple environments serving small to large business owners and managers in both private and public sectors. It  included manufacturing plants, commercial and private aircraft maintenance facilities, mining operations, vocational schools, automotive businesses,  nuclear power plants and military installations. Don is quick to acknowledge  that working with this many business owners on a daily basis you learn a lot from them. If something goes awry, they must step up to fix it. Business owners wear more hats than all the cowboys in Montana and some of their accomplishments are quite amazing.

Accepting a management position with Snap-On Tool Corporation of Kenosha, WI., Don over the next several years had various assignments in eight states working with people wanting to buy tool and equipment distributorships. After demographic studies and surveys, Don accompanied the potential buyer to banks helping them obtain financing to buy their business. After the acquisition, Don trained each new business owner   then scheduled followups for weekly and monthly training in sales, marketing, bookkeeping, inventory and  profitability control.

Other family businesses owned included a Manufacturer’s Representative Firm,  Retail Hardware, and a Specialty Advertising Company.

At World Trade Center headquarters of Dean Witter in New York, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) granted Mr. Godsey a Series 7 and Series 63 security license (now in-active). It was there and  corporate offices in Colorado Springs, CO. where he was exposed to the world of mergers and acquisitions.  While Wall Street had fascinating aspects and provided a business educational experience that he would use in the future,  Don’s real interest was always interacting with small business owners.

Dons first introduction to machinery and equipment on a large scale began when he  a was accepted into an apprenticeship program at what is now Cameron International; a Houston, Texas  Fortune 500 company with over 25,000 employees. Don worked there for 7 years with 5 of those as an apprentice, becoming a  Journeyman Machinist and Machine Tool Repairman.  Cameron is a designer and distributor of onshore-offshore, and subsea equipment serving the oil and gas industry.


Carol Godsey

Carol Godsey Co-founder and Managing Member (479) 855-9000 x 14 Email Carol

Carol Godsey is Co-founder and managing member of Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers and Principal Broker for American Business Realty, the real estate arm of Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers. Drawing on more than 12 years’ experience in the business brokerage industry she, along with husband Don, have personally owned, operated and sold several family-owned companies.

Carol brings an awareness of what sellers and buyers experience in their quest to purchase a business or divest themselves of a company. It is from this perspective that she delivers a fundamental understanding of buyers and sellers that uniquely equips her to guide them through the complexities of the business transfer process. Paying attention to detail and understanding how to get things done, Carol’s financial analytic skills in bookkeeping and accounting help to provide practical advice to buyers and sellers when preparing the marketing, financial, and advertising company profiles.

Dedicated to helping buyers and sellers achieve their highest personal goals, Carol is keenly sensitive to the confidentiality that most sellers perceive as paramount to the sales process. Carol is a former teacher and member of the Texas State Teachers, Association (TSTA) and the National Education Foundation (NEA).  As a flight attendant for United Airlines she was trained in customer service, medical emergencies, CPR, and conflict resolution.  She has also served as a community board member for Signature Bank.

Carol and Don have three sons with families of their own and six grandchildren. Her early business career as a teacher and years in the airline industry speak volumes about her genuine interest in people.