Marketing the Company

Non-Disclosure Agreement and Confidential Business Profile

When preparing marketing materials for potential Buyers, first impressions are everything! From a marketing perspective your business is a product and as so, together with company owner(s) input we compile a two or three page marketing piece that contains the historical background of the business along with a three to five year financial summary. These materials are collectively known as a Confidential Business Profile (CBP).

Before receiving a CBP, potential buyers execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) giving information about who they are along with business or employment background and the amount of available funds to buy a business. The NDA states by signing you acknowledge you are entering into a contract with seller to maintain the confidentiality of owners financial information or that the business is for sale. Once the NDA is returned, we call or meet the potential buyer going over information. Once comfortable they are a legitimate prospect they receive the CBP and discussions begin. Is this the right buyer ?…  We will know very soon…

Targeted Marketing

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Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers markets your business throughout the United States, Canada and to specific companies located in other countries that have or desire a presence in America.  The CBP is generic in content without identifying the business, a specific location or names of the owners. If they like what they see, the next step is for them to meet with us, the owners and tour the business.

STRAIGHT TALK –  We know buyers get excited and want to tell everyone they are buying a business, but the importance of maintaining confidentiality can’t be overstated. It is absolutely necessary owner’s intent to sell be held in the strictest of confidence insuring that the business maintains its  full operating potential. Great harm can come to a business owner if confidentiality is breached. We all count on the space of trust that a confidentiality agreement provides.

Step Four : Finding The Right Buyer

Client Comments
Sally and I sincerely thank you for all of your assistance in helping us sell our businesses. We got a great price; great terms and the whole transaction went very, very smoothly. Your experience and professionalism are a credit to your company; we could not have done it without you.

I had no idea that buying a business could be so complicated. If it hadn’t been for your perseverance and keep us on track, I would have thrown my hands in the air and walked away. Thanks for the advice on helping us to deal with the financing at the banks. You led the way and kept your cool through complex negotiations with some difficult people.

Working with the SBA can be challenging, but you made it happen. Thanks for all you did to keep things moving along even when the process seemed to grind to a halt. Pulling all the components of our financing together, our 401K, SBA, our local bank, Arkansas Capital Corporation in Little Rock plus owner financing, was a big job, but you did it! You not only did it, you did it skillfully and professionally. Everything was done in the right way and after the sale we are still happy campers. We love our new business and things are working out well.