The Closing

The Closing

MILESTONE – In the literal sense a milestones refers to a roadside marker that lists the distance to a location. It’s thought the first milestone was erected in Rome marking the presumed center of the Roman Empire. Today these words are more often used figuratively, referring to significant events in life, like graduating from high school, college, serving in the armed forces, getting married or starting a family. It acts sort of like a road sign and often a moment spent reflecting where we stand in life. While there are many significant events in life, certainly selling or buying a business is a milestone. Whether you are seller or buyer, we trust this will not be the only one and wish each of you and your family nothing less than an incredible, successful, profitable, healthy and happy future. 

We Are At The Closing Table

Signatures, please… We’re done… 

Buyer and Seller here are your copies of closing documents… Smile for the camera.

Seller, here is your check… Buyer, JEEZZZ….what are you still hanging around here for?  Get outta here, you’ve got a ton of work to do!



At Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers we are totally confident that the way we prepare a business for sale will remove all  the concerns sellers,  potential buyers, financial institutions or anyone that becomes a party to the transaction might have.

And to this end…  is exactly why we prepare your businesses for sale we way we do!

It is our passion!
Let us sell one for you….

Should you have interest in more details after reading about our approach, check out what other owners whose businesses we’ve sold have to say and contact us to set up a private meeting at no cost to you.  You will hear STRAIGHT TALK from us.  If you like the strategy we will use to sell your company and should we have common ground… Game on!!!

Client Comments
I appreciate so much the work each of you did to market and sell my business. I have to say, I was satisfied with the whole process from beginning to end. You kept me well informed at every turn and made the entire transaction move along smoothly. I especially appreciated your straight talk and honesty. You were up front with me the whole time and delivered everything you promised – a credit to each of you individually, your company and your entire organization. Though some of the issues were quite complex, a bonus for me in the end, was the tax savings you delivered that covered your entire fee more than twice over! Thank you for a job well done. I will recommend you again and again.

I just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did on the transaction between our company and the Culligan of Rogers, Arkansas. It never would have closed without your great assistance! Your counsel and straight talk was very helpful to both sides and your "bedside manner’ was impeccable. Your vast input was outside the scope of a normal business broker’s skill and client commitment, and I appreciate it very much. Should you come across any more businesses that fit the mission of our company, please contact me? I would enjoy working with the two of you again!

It's been shared with me that some business brokers are sleaze balls, I'm very thankful that we were fortunate enough to find the Godsey’s at Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers.

~J. Higdon (AVIATION & HEALTH INDUSTRY - AIR AMBULANCE, excerpt from US News & World Report)