Buy Sell

STRAIGHT TALK – A wise Indian Chief once said… “timing has an awful lot to do with the outcome of the rain dance.” Those who started the dance with rain clouds nearby and without wind blowing clouds away probably got lucky and all involved felt the dance was successful. Never depend on luck when buying or selling a business. Opportunity has little time for those unprepared.

The reasons to carefully prepare and package a business the way we do is to prove the range of value to the seller, buyer, their financial advisers and financial institutions. When structured in this systematic way all parties can clearly see and place trust in the integrity of the transaction. All that is left when a buyer is found is to put the details in writing  and close the transaction.

Time is money. Introducing a buyer to an opportunity that has provable value and is bankable makes it easier for them to take immediate action, cutting through needless months and weeks of delay.


Prepare and My Time Will Come

MILESTONE – As a Seller you have reached a milestone. You know the range of value your business will bring when sold and why it is worth that amount. You know with a qualified buyer that the business is bankable meeting the requirements of financial institutions. The next step is to confidentially place the business on the market for sale.

Step Three : Marketing The Company

Client Comments
Don, I don’t know where to begin except to say thank you for all the work you have done on our behalf. The business we bought through you and the experience was as good as it gets. The financials you provided on the company were easy to understand and accurate and the pre-closing meeting you conducted with the Seller laid out all the details of the purchase from start to finish. It is wonderful not to have to deal with surprises.

Don and Carol, Thanks to you and your group again….After buying a business through you I entrusted you to sell mine and got to see what it was like being on the other side of a transaction. Sandy and I saw firsthand your sense of fairness no matter who you were representing. The buyer you found was of exceptional caliber and once again you delivered all we could expect and more. The snag the buyer hit during the SBA financing never slowed you down. You just kept me calm, no easy task, and got the deal done. Special thanks for putting the terms of the lease together and looking out for our interest. We have done two deals now and in the last year or so I have been on the phone with you more than with my wife. Now that’s its over, I wonder who I will talk to and will I be lonely…. Don’t forget where we are…..

From our Letter of Intent, through the negotiations, due diligence and the closing in our attorney’s office your professional attributes, organizational skills and assistance made this acquisition not only possible but a pleasure. Many Thanks