Machinery & Equipment Appraisals


Don Godsey, SBA, PBC, CMEA is the owner of American Business Connections, LLC and Northwest Arkansas Business Brokers. We provide independent certified and USPAP compliant machinery & equipment appraisals for corporations, business owners, accountants, and financial institutions through our other business PRICEQUIP. Also, as members of the NEBB Institute we have an affiliation with over 450 machinery and equipment appraisers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Operating under the premise that one of us is not as smart as all of us we are known as problem solvers and can collaborate on any given assignment received whether the equipment is off the shelf or custom built. With the largest databases of sold equipment at our disposal, the research of completed machinery and equipment sales result in the most accurate appraisal reports that can be attained.

All our machinery and equipment appraisals use the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) chart below. The definition of RUL is the period during which an asset is expected to be usable for the purpose it was acquired. In some cases rebuilding equipment is more costly than buying new equipment that may be faster, less expensive to operate due to innovations that have occurred in the marketplace. One must take into account not only the cost of the new equipment but its throughput capability and the cost of installation.

However, in many cases the remaining useful life of equipment can be substantially extended by rebuilding the equipment and could save thousands of dollars in overall cost.

Equipment Ratings – Remaining Useful Life (RUL)

Excellent – New/near new or practice, extremely low hours of use, no defects, and could still be under warranty.

Very Good – Exceptionally good condition; may have just been completely overhauled or rebuilt with new or near new materials and/or has had such limited use that no repairs or worn part replacements are necessary.

Good – In Complete 100% operating Condition. No known or obvious mechanical defects but may have some minor worn parts that will need repair in the near future; may have high hours of use but no defects are obvious.

Fair – Has very high hours are extended use. Defects are obvious and will require repair or general rebuild soon. Not 100% functional or efficient; may be operational or functional, but questionable.

Poor – Has seen very long and hard hours of service; requires rebuild, repair, or overhaul before it can be used; not operational or functional.

Scrap – Cost of repair exceeds value or cost or replacing with like equipment; past useful or functional life and should be sold as scrap or parts.


Biz to Biz Equipment Sales

PRICEQUIP offers your excess equipment for sale to business owners across the street and throughout the United States. How many pieces of equipment changes hands in America each day? It would be safe to say that nationwide thousands of pieces of machinery and equipment changed hands yesterday. But, that’s in the past so let’s talk about tomorrow. You can offer your no longer needed used machinery and equipment for sale through our vast network.

PRICEQUIP offers equipment brokerage services like no other. Whether you have one piece or hundreds each piece of equipment is valued and receives a certified appraisal substantiating the fair market value based on its  RUL.

PRICEQUIP Helps both the Seller and Buyer

  • PRICEQUIP offers equipment to buyers in the same or similar industry
  • PRICEQUIP answers all calls from buyers leaving you more time to run your business.
  • PRICEQUIP shows equipment to buyers wanting to examine equipment before buying.
  • PRICEQUIP make lenders, CPA’s and local businesses aware of equipment for sale in the area.
  • Buyer picks up equipment or has it shipped and/or insured to the destination of their choosing.
  • Buyer has peace of mind that the value is done by a certified machinery & equipment appraiser.
  • Buyer pays less for equipment because it has not been marked up more  by an equipment reseller.
  • Seller keeps equipment in custody until certified funds are received by us from the buyer.
  • Seller makes more money with a certified appraisal than they would receive by trading it in.
  • Seller receives added local exposure in many other states through our affiliated NEBB offices.
  • Seller has exposure to the right buyers; those that are actually looking for specific equipment.
  • Seller has  broad market exposure of their equipment to buyers across the US & other countries.

For a low cost solution that offers your excess machinery and equipment for sale worldwide by using a certified machinery and equipment appraisal that is defensible and meets USPAP standards, contact us.